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Hey there! If you want to lose weight (doesn’t matter how much) and have struggled to lose it following conventional advice or specialized diet/exercise programs, keep reading.

It’s completely fine that things haven’t worked out yet because the cards are stacked against you when it comes to discovering the proper weight loss strategies.

A lot of sites repeat the same bad advice because it’s “common knowledge”. Others tell you to follow strange, risky diets with poor or incorrect explanations. Countless more try to sell you complicated programs promising results in weeks or days, but they just don’t work. Or they may only work in the short-term.

People don’t want to tell you how to lose weight using a straightforward, biology-based approach. It’s not profitable for them. They’d like you to stay heavy and keep taking your money; they’re profiting from your frustration.

But I discovered the ways out. And I want to share them with you for free.

I’m Chase Garner, a 24 year old guy from Pennsylvania who struggled with his weight throughout middle school, high school, and a majority of college. At my heaviest back in 12th grade, I weighed 210lbs (95kg) and wore 38×30 bootcut Wrangler jeans. I’m 5’7″, so that’s really bad.

I don’t want to post it, but here’s my high school senior portrait as proof.

This is my high school senior portrait.
(I also had a really awful hair cut.)

For years, I followed conventional methods to lose weight and made little progress. And whenever I stopped exercising for a while, I gained all of my weight back. It felt like a hopeless, impossible task, and it was frustrating because I felt like I was one of the only people in my life struggling with it. I felt like a failure.

But I didn’t give up, and after doing enough deep-diving on the web, I finally discovered the correct methods to lose weight and the basic science behind them. I didn’t discover them all at once, but the each piece of the puzzle made the journey easier, faster, and more logical. The strategies are simple and backed by simple, biological explanations. They will work for anyone.

Fast-forward to 2018, and I weigh 145lbs (66kg), wear 30×30 jeans, and am at around 12% body fat. I’m able to easily maintain my weight while eating flexibly.

Chase in 2018
(Check out those spider veins.)

Since I attained my weight loss goals, I’ve never been happier, and I want others to feel the same accomplishment without having to go through the long periods of research, personal experimentation, weight-loss plateaus, and countless frustrations.

I’m handing you all of the info you’ll ever need to understand weight loss to attain any goals you have FOR FREE so you can get the fastest and safest possible results. You’ll never find any e-book links or paid memberships on this site.

It’s not fair that no one tells us this stuff when we’re growing up.

You can meet you weight loss goals. It will take some commitment and small sacrifices, but keep reading and you’ll find that it’s not as painful or difficult as you’ve always thought it was.

The site is designed to be concise and readable by anyone. It only contains the information you need with no complicated explanations.

It’s split into a few sections that cover different aspects of the journey.

The Basics” presents a new way to think about weight loss, explains some simple biology behind diet and weight management, and creates blueprints for weight loss and gain.

Once you gain an understanding of the big picture, “The Strategies” presents specific implementations of the weight loss blueprint. The awesome thing is that there is more than one path you can follow to lose weight as long as certain conditions are satisfied most of the time.

The Guides” covers focused topics in greater detail. For example, how to deal with dieting changes, how to drink and not kill your progress, and inventive ways to eat out. New guides can appear at any time.

Making sacrifices can suck and making changes can be mentally taxing. “The Tools” contains food products and strategies that can make your weight loss journey easier and more comfortable, but nothing in this section is required for your success.

Just a quick disclaimer: By clicking links in “The Guides” and “The Tools” sections and purchasing products on Amazon, I’ll receive a small amount of proceeds from the sale at no additional cost to you. If you find the info on this site useful and are interested in the product, I’d appreciate you purchasing it through the link on my site. (Think of it as buying me a drink.) I’ll never link to a product that I would not personally use or recommend, and I don’t accept offers from advertisers. Most importantly, the type and nature of the products that I link to do not influence the content of the site.

I’d love to hear from you during your journey. Feel free to ask any questions, share any successes, or say anything else. Email, and I’ll get back to you when I can.

Let’s begin with a better way to think about weight loss.