Affiliate Disclosure

This site,, contains Amazon affiliate links within certain posts.

Here’s what this means: if you purchase a product that I link to in a post, I receive a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you.

I understand you may be concerned about this type of marketing on a website that’s telling you what you should eat and what you should avoid eating, so I’ve prepared this page to clarify how and why I use the links.

Trust and Guidelines

Whenever money is involved, my trust and credibility are at risk, so I have very strong guidelines for myself with use of affiliate links.

Products that I link to have no influence on the content or message of the site.

Since ad blockers have grown in popularity, the latest trend in advertising is writing blog posts to indirectly sell products or advertise businesses. Sites like Forbes and Business Insider do this all the time. I will never do this.

All of the food products that I link to on the site are here because they match the criteria of the prescribed diets and lifestyles. The content is not written with the intention of selling specialty low-carb foods.

I’ll always include a disclaimer at the top of a post if it contains affiliate links or content.

I’ll never conceal use of affiliate links. (This is actually law in the United States now, but lots of people don’t follow it.)

I will never link to a product that I wouldn’t eat or use.

For consumable products, I have strong standards on what I’ll eat and what I won’t, so I’ll never link to anything I wouldn’t put into my body.

For non-consumable products, this is a strong promise because I’m a minimalist who hates buying and owning excess things.

I withdraw affiliate links for products that I no longer endorse.

If a product changes and the quality suffers, I’ll remove the link from my site.

Why I Use Affiliate Marketing

Let’s be honest, I’m not getting rich off of you clicking on links to buy Coke Zero on Amazon. Any money I make supports my web hosting and domain name renewals so I can keep the content online. Any extra is just a bonus.

The alternative is hosting ads, and I don’t know a single person who has ever said “I’m really glad that this ad is here.”