Privacy Policy

My name is Chase Garner, and I run this website ( purely out of personal interest in the subject. You can contact me via

It’s required by law in many countries to have a privacy policy that lists any types of information that you collect from users of a website and for what purposes.

The only information that I collect on this site is your name and email address, but only if you choose to leave a comment. I do not share this information or even use it personally for any type of marketing. It’s strictly for verification and anti-spam purposes.

You’ve probably heard what a “cookie” is by now, but if not, a cookie is a small piece of data that a website (like this one) stores in your browser

I use the blogging platform WordPress as the engine for my site. WordPress creates some cookies automatically for its own internal purposes. None of these contain sensitive data or are used to track or identify you.

I use Google Analytics for insight on who is viewing my website. This works by using cookies with tracking identifiers. All of these are managed by Google, and they contain no personally identifiable information.

As I mentioned in my affiliate disclosure, I use the Amazon Affiliates Program to support my website. I only use text links to products, so any type of tracking that is performed is done on only and is subject to their privacy policies.

That’s all. If you have any concerns, contact me at