Energy Management

Now that we’re thinking in terms of energy management, let’s talk about the concrete basics.

  • Expenditure is your body’s total energy usage. This includes your base metabolic rate (abbreviated BMR, the energy required to keep you alive) plus any additional exertion, movement and exercise you perform.
  • Storage occurs when your obtained energy exceeds your daily expenditure. There are a few different pathways that your body uses to store energy.
  • You obtain energy from your diet, the combination of all of the food that you eat and the timing of when you eat. Diet also includes the periods when you aren’t eating.

Simple enough, right? But if it were just that simple, then all of the conventional advice about weight loss would be more effective, and you wouldn’t be browsing this website.

There’s one extremely important piece of info that everyone overlooks when they give standard weight loss advice:

The nutritional composition of your diet affects how your body stores and expends energy.

If you’re putting in the effort, but are struggling to lose weight, your diet is killing your progress. I promise. I’ll explain this in complete detail in the next few sections.

First, let’s talk how your body processes all of the food you eat.