Fat Gain Blueprint

For the sake of completion, I’m including a guide explaining how to get fat so you understand how it happened to you and how you can avoid it in the future.

Gaining weight is very simple:

1. Completely saturate your body’s carbohydrate stores. Keep them saturated with high carb meals.

This ensures that your body is pulling little to no energy from stored body fat. Cardio and weight lifting are discouraged as they will accelerate your body’s stored carb energy usage.

The standard western diet is loaded with carbohydrates and “eating normally” practically guarantees this.

2. Each lots of little meals all of the time.

Your body will prefer to use the incoming energy from food over any energy you’ve already stored. Your carb stores will remain saturated from incoming carbs.

Since you’re eating carbs with each meal, your insulin will always be high. This ensures that incoming fats will always be stored and none of your fat stores are accessed. (Continually high insulin levels also causes insulin resistance within the body eventually leading to type-2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome.)

Our culture encourages constant snacking. Companies load processed food with carbs. High stress from daily life causes carb cravings. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of constant eating.

3. Eat enough fats and carbs to exceed your TDEE.

Once the two prerequisites above are met, you will gain weight if you eat too many calories. You cannot defy thermodynamics, and the foods you’ve eaten will ensure that your body is in full fat storage mode.

Your body will use the carbohydrates that you consume (and any in your stores) for your daily required energy since your body prefers using carbs before fats. Any excess fat that you eat will go right to your fat cells.

It’s difficult for the body to convert carbs into fat, so be sure to eat lots of fat for a greater effect.

4. Eat lots of food high in natural estrogen. (Men only)

Foods high in estrogen (like soy, some seeds, legumes, hops, etc) will increase your body’s estrogen levels. High estrogen levels promote fat retention and storage. Consult Google for more information and a complete lists of foods containing high amounts of estrogen.

The next portion of the site is all about concrete weight-loss strategies.