Reframing “Weight Loss”

The dogma of “weight loss” is deeply ingrained in western culture, and no one even likes the thought of it. It’s stressful, it’s never fun (especially when socializing), and “obvious” methods aren’t very effective.

Let’s reframe weight loss so that you have a fresh (and more effective) mindset for attaining your goals:

Fat is a form of stored energy, so being overweight is just an imbalance of biological energy storage and usage processes. These processes are continual; they’re happening all of the time with every meal that you eat and each breath that you breath. I’ll refer to these two collectively as “energy management“.

Weight loss is your goal, but to accomplish it, you should think about it and plan it in terms of long-term energy management. This will make more sense as you read the next few sections, but there are already excellent reasons to think of it as a fluctuating, continual process:

1. It removes the rigidity and negativity that comes with the standard dieting/weight loss mindset.

Viewing it as a process rather than just focusing on restriction allows you to see the bigger picture. You can still indulge or mess up occasionally without feeling guilt as long as your overall, long-term trend results in a net weight loss.

2. Since you’re considering gain, you will have more realistic expectations about your weight loss progress from the start.

It took you a while to put on your weight, so it will take a while to get rid of it. However, you’ll discover that most of your weight can be lost much faster than you gained it.

3. It leaves you with a healthy, sustainable mindset once you meet your goals. This will ensure that you don’t regress.

For example, almost all contestants of the NBC show The Biggest Loser gained all of their weight back after the show because they focused purely on weight loss; they took restriction and exercise to the extreme for 10 weeks and never learned how to balance their daily choices to enjoy life while maintaining their progress.

If you can transform the way that you view and control your personal energy management, you will never have issues with your weight ever again (barring lots of stress, emotional problems, or thyroid trouble).

Start thinking in terms of a two-way biological energy management process instead of weight loss/restriction. All of the info that I present in this guide assumes this mindset.

That said, let’s continue to explore energy management.