Low Carbing Coffee

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If you’re someone who loves coffee drinks, understand that you can have fun with low carb coffee. It can still be really delicious, smooth, and refreshing without sugar.

Here some guidelines to follow for low-carb coffee.

Eliminate Sugar

Don’t order sugar in your coffee.

Furthermore, if you exclusively drink Frappucinos at Starbucks or seasonal drinks loaded with sugar at Dunkin’ Donuts, you’re going to have to give the habit up. Even in the smallest Frappucino, there are over 40g of carbohydrates.

Replace Sugar

If you don’t want to lose the sweetness, you have some options.

First, don’t use Equal (aspartame), Splenda (sucralose), or Sweet-n-Low (saccharin). The powdered forms use maltodextrin, another carb, as a bulking agent.

Sugar-free syrups also contain maltodextrin, so avoid them too.

You can any sweetener that uses erythritol, a sugar alcohol, as its bulking agent. This includes powdered stevia, powdered monk fruit, or erythritol itself.

Replace Milk with Heavy Cream

Milk is sugar, so it’s out.

Heavy cream, the fat portion of milk, is delicious. It’s the stuff you can make whipped cream from.

Instead of adding your own milk or half-and-half to your coffee, ask your barista for a splash of heavy cream instead. It’s important that you say “heavy cream” or “heavy whipping cream” because “cream” is ambiguous.

A small amount of heavy cream smooths a coffee drink very quickly, so you don’t need much unless you prefer a stronger cream flavor. Take some time to figure out your preferred amount.

Keep in mind that heavy cream is extremely dense in calories. If you order a latte with heavy cream, you’d be consuming almost all of your day’s calories in your coffee. Economical, but probably not a smart move.

In other countries, heavy cream has different names, so just remember it’s the one with all of the milk fat. The nutrition label should read as all fat with a trace amount of carbs.

Replace Milk with Unsweetened Alternative Milks

Unsweetened almond, cashew, or coconut milk (regular, vanilla, or chocolate-flavored) can be used in the place of dairy milk. They are all very low in carbohydrates.

I don’t recommend soy milk because of its estrogen content, but if you like it, go for it.

Order Drinks with Mobile Ordering

If you’re worried about getting your order correct at places like Starbucks or Dunkin’, order via their mobile apps so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Create Your Own Blended Drinks at Home

If you really don’t want to give up blended coffee drinks, experiment on your own at home using ice, coffee, heavy cream or alternative milks, and sugar replacements. Or search Google for an existing recipe.

Low-Carb Coffee Components

My personal go-to when I get coffee is a cold-brew with heavy cream. The cream cuts the bitterness of the coffee while giving it a light creamy flavor. It’s not sweet, you won’t miss it after a while.

Of course, you can just drink black coffee too.