Low Carb Sweets – Store Bought

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It’s difficult to find low-carb, store-bought sweets. You lose a lot of options because most on-the-shelf desserts are packed with sugar, milk, and flour.

You’ll have much better variety if you learn to make some yourself, but here are some delicious ones that you’ll be able to find in most stores.

Quest Protein Bars

The quintessential low-carb dieting food. You’ve probably heard about these at some point in your life.

Quest Bars are miraculous because they taste great but only have 2-7 net carbs each (depending on the flavor). Just don’t eat too many at once because these things are loaded with fiber.

The flavors can be hit or miss. The best are:

There’s a variety pack if you want to try a few different flavors.

Quest also makes “Hero Bars“, which are lower in protein and taste more like a candy bar. I really like these.

Quest Protein Cookies

These cookies are made with a base similar to Quest Bars, but they have more of a cookie-like consistency.

They’re not a fantastic replacement for regular cookies, but if you’re craving one, they’ll get the job done.

Sugar-Free Gelatin

If you want to fill your stomach with something cheap and sweet, this is the way to go. It’s has no carbs, so stock up. As an added benefit, the proteins in gelatin are beneficial to the body.

Diet Sodas/Soft Drinks

There’s a lot to say about these, so I’ve given them their own page.

Halo Top/Enlightened Ice Cream

Low calorie ice cream is all the rage these days. Some flavors of these two are acceptable. Check the net carbs on a particular flavor to determine if it’s fine for your diet.

I find that for some reason when I eat Halo Top in particular, sugar cravings get strong. Eat these in extreme moderation.

So Delicious Frozen Dessert (Coconut Milk, No Sugar Added)

If you like the taste of coconuts, this frozen dessert is about as good as it gets. These taste like real ice cream. You have to let it soften a bit, but it’s worth it.

This product contains inulin (chicory root fiber), a sweet tasting dietary fiber. Some of it can be metabolized by the body, so you have to count a very small portion of it toward your net carbs.

Other than that, this is a clear winner. At the time of writing, it comes in chocolate, vanilla, mint chip, and butter pecan.

Breyer’s CarbSmart Ice Cream

This one’s a little iffy because it does have some carbs and uses sorbitol as its sugar replacement base (see the warning on sugar alcohols below), but eaten in moderation, this is a pretty decent tasting low-carb ice cream.

It only comes in Vanilla and Chocolate. Tastewise, they’re a little more creamy and less sweet than standard Breyers. Chocolate is better.

Protein Powder

Not really a sweet, but they’re usually loaded with sugar or maltodextrin. Look for zero-carb protein powders, and you’re good to go.

Watch Out For Some Sugar Alcohols

There are plenty of products on the shelves marketed as “sugar-free” that use maltitol or sorbitol as a sugar-replacement base.

These substances are known as sugar alcohols because they exhibit properties of both sugars and alcohols. The body cannot completely metabolize them, although each one has slightly different metabolization potential.

Because of this, they can’t really be considered sugar free. It’s deceptive marketing, and you should avoid these products.

On top of that, excess consumption of maltitol and sorbitol have a laxative effect. Eat too much sugar-free chocolate, and you’ll be feeling bad later.

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